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Life Begins on the Road

Road trips are full of twist and turns, ups and downs, or even heavy storms.

These factors contribute to the overall outcome of being out on the road. They mold you and teach lessons that can be carried for years to come.

For me, being on the road is home, I feel like I need to be out there somewhere in the world.

So many things have been checked off the bucket list in the last few days: Eating a Philly Cheesesteak in philly, staying in a apartment in West New York, and even staying out consuming libations until four in the morning.

There was food, cooking, vintage wines, craft beers, jazz clubs, enticing conversations, and a list of other things too long to explain.

There is a place between the plane flights and bus rides – a middle ground. Maybe it’s out on the open road or at a grungy dive bar in a foreign land.

This is the place that I exist, the place I’m happiest.

I’m a stranger just walking these city streets and it’s a pleasure to meet you.


Food, New York, Travel

Food Review: The Halal Guys

Scrolling through Instagram feeds is a favorite hobby of mine, especially food and travel tags. One glorious day I stumbled upon The Halal Guys. These street vendors serve some fine meats shoved into an open face pita and drizzled with garlic and hot sauces. Vegetables are a topping option too, but I go straight meat on these bad boys.

While I was in New York City near Central Park, I started to get real hungry from all the walking I was doing. I was fortunate enough to have passed by The Halal Guys. So naturally I went back but to my surprise there was a line, a long one. No way was I leaving before I get to try this food.

A long wait later and I had the food in hand. It is an open face pita sandwich that is covered with foil to keep it warm. The meats are chicken and gyro, which I’ll assume is lamb, and you can get falafel too, if meat isn’t something you eat. The best part is that they can be combined into greatness, all three together, living and loving each other. You drizzle on some white sauce, and hot sauce if you are daring enough, and dig in. Get ready for a flavor explosion. The richness from the pita dough, the sodium and acidity from the meats, and finally the infusion of the meat drippings and sauces make a mega sauce that would make any saucer cringe then weep with joy. 

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For street food you can’t beat it. I am somewhat biased because in Europe this is all I would eat. These sandwiches are called different things all over the world but you can pretty much get the same stuff inside.

So if you find yourself wandering New York and need a bite. Look for the yellow and red carts that probably will have a line of people pertruding from them.