Lost In Memories

The Tarmac hurls by in a brilliantly blurred yet captivating way.
I used to be afraid of looking out the window during the take off of a flight when I was a child, but now it is a common occurrence. 
Flying across the world for the simple reason of wandering in an unfamiliar environment. 
Yet, this time, I’m not going… I’m leaving. 
The layover in between domestic flights replays sharply in my head…

Light pierces through the window shades as headphones blare vibrations for my ear drums to receive. My mind strays, scattered with a mismatch of euphoric and haunting thoughts as I attempt at some relaxation while staying at a friends house; waiting for the next metal bird to whisk me away and trying to come down from travel, simultaneously. 
That’s the feeling that overtakes when leaving a place. 
Almost like depression. Leaving to head “home”. Whatever that word means anymore. I will remain utterly speechless and downtrodden; but the road always calls me back, so I guess you could say that the feeling is null and void. 
I traveled the whole length of Vietnam and what I found will stay with me for life. 
It’s a place everyone should visit. 
There is no awakening moment or spiritual epiphanies. What you will find is excitement, confusion, and lots of enthralling areas to explore.
And for me, it’s a place that I did find something. 
I found a fire I once lost, maybe even a little more; I assume only time can tell, but Vietnam — and the people I encountered — stole my heart and captivated me in such a way that future destinations have a lot to live up to.