Slow Motion for You

There will always be those unquestionable situations that make you utterly gleam with elation.

Moments that seem to pass in slow motion, like an old home movie shot on a super 8 camera.

You can replay it in your mind for the rest of your days.

Finding random friends on the road is not an unusual thing. Conversations start up, information is exchanged, and before you know it — these people you shared experiences with — they become strangers once again. 

After days on a remote island I was ecstatic to be back on the mainland of Cambodia in a decent hostel, with wifi and a hot shower. Settled in and finally clean, I found myself just lounging and plotting my next move through Southeast Asia. This is when I started chatting with some dorm mates. One thing led to another and we were out on the beach town of Sihanoukville to find food. 

The former part of the story may bore you or seem like what every person that travels tends to find themselves getting involved in. 

Now this next part, this is the slow motion part.

Waking up the next day with the beach in mind, we set out, but only to be caught up in the rain (damn you monsoon season). 

We trotted along the beach and stumbled upon a quiet small-scale bar to down a few pints. With the beers and cocktails finding a cozy home in our systems, the idea of swimming in the rain got tossed around. Shortly, we found ourselves bodysurfing the crashing waves in the Gulf of Thailand while the heavens soaked everything around us — the sight of the lush green islands that encompassed us seemed to be overtaken by the haze of the downpouring clouds. It was almost like a group of childhood friends, laughing and having a grand time; yet, we had only known each other for a few days. 

A memorable scene to say the least.

I could almost forget that there was seafood and alcohol involved in the mix; because the shear unadulterated joy that was had, that is the thing I will replay in my mind until my dying day.

And this vivid cognitive impression ended in the best possible manner, eating fresh crepes made from a street cart… Not even the steady drizzle could ruin ingesting Nutella crepes. 


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