Coast to Coast 

Somehow I think everyone is friendlier around water.

It’s the basic element for life as we know it. People spend absurd amounts of money on real estate next to it. 

I for one find it very calming; there are not many things better than planting your ass in the sand and mindlessly staring off into a memorizing crystal blue body of water. 

You add some beers and seafood and I may just build a hut and stay there. 

Sihanoukville might be one of those places, the sandy beaches that you see on postcards in the supermarket — somewhere you ponder about running away to.

If it wasn’t for the endless amounts of trash build up then I think it could be a viable solution to that craving. It is picturesque, don’t get me wrong; but there is still much to be desired — maybe a little clean up. 

With all that in mind, you still can’t beat these beaches.

If you are lucky, you will be greeted by a small Cambodian lady balancing a stick on her shoulder with objects attached to it. One is a cooler with fresh squid and sauce for said squid. At the other end is a makeshift grill — for just 1 USD you can have five of these suckers grilled on sticks right in front of you. It’s like this lady knows my every waking desire. 

After a few rounds of squid grilled right on the beach, it might be time for a beer. 

With plenty of bars lining the coast, it just so happened I stumbled in one where there was some sort of party happening. 

A bowl of soup and some rice and I was swept back into my seat as I watched the partygoers take selfies, laugh, and chug beers. Before I knew it I was in a haze, or maybe just a food coma. 

Pretty soon darkness descended upon the beach and then, out of nowhere, fireworks appeared. It was like a dream, yet I was living it.

Contentment, I think the very definition should be this: Sitting in a chair on the beach, hot soup and rice in front of you, while drunk locals shoot fiery object into the sky. 

Party on my friends… Party on. 


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