Here’s to you, Tokyo. 

Have you ever smelled airplane food?

I mean if you have been on a flight that last more than three hours then of course you have.

The smell radiates through the air vents along with a plethora of crazy airborne germs and diseases — oh, I feel like I’m back in college. 

Mix that smell with alcohol and an old lady snoring, that pretty much sums up air transportation. 

It may have been the absurd amount of vodka or the two sleeping pills; but for a moment, I felt like a real life Don Draper. Staring at international ad campaigns on a small television screen strategically placed in front of me while I was 30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. 

The planes altitude was probably so I didn’t contemplate jumping because of the immense amount of consumerism being figuratively shoved down my throat. 

Where am I? Well, I am in the sky on my way to the biggest city in the world… Tokyo, Japan. 

It is truly unforgettable, the first time I stepped foot in Tokyo. 

It is a odd place; full of loud sounds and bright lights. There is street food, robot bars, arcades, even an Irish pub or two.

Tokyo is a picturesque city, where you can go and drink the night away while finding new friends along the way. You may catch a buzz and wander down alleys and side streets; such as piss alley, where stopping for ramen or other types of cuisine is a must do for any traveler. 

This city is huge. Bigger than one man can explore, yet many try. 

I can’t conjure up the words to explain the worlds biggest city and I don’t think I need to. The place speaks for itself; with its people, culture, nightlife, and culinary successes. 

Tokyo will always have a piece of my heart.

It is a place which shows people that strange is ok. Everyone is accepted, anyone can experience it, and some may call it home. 

Here’s to you Tokyo; stay crazy. 


2 thoughts on “Here’s to you, Tokyo. 

    • Some airplane foods can be very good. I have found, at least in my experience, that about 60% of the time they are not worth it. Although I usually eat it out of shear boredom.


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