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Food Review: Dalessandros and Chubby’s

Cheese, meat, and carbs.

There is a special place in my heart for any combination of these three ingredients. Yet, there is only one way to eat these godly components if you are in Philadelphia. Of course I am speaking of the illustrious Philly cheesesteak.

Traveling through the Philly area I had to stop and hunt for a luscious cheesesteak. I was turned on to Dalessandros in Roxbourgh, PA. It’s a counter style restaurant, which implies you must sit at the counter to eat. The smell coming from the kitchen was that of legends, but that was where the legend ended.

The sandwich was bland, to say the least. It lacked salt, or maybe acidity, or… I don’t know, maybe it lacked love.

Luckily there was another competitor right across the street, Chubby’s.

They had bathrooms, accepted debt cards, and had a very lovely and entertaining staff.

I started out with some French fries and a pint of shandy. A few friends were digging into some of the cheesesteaks from this joint, so I had to compare.

It wasn’t even a comparison because as soon as the sticky, bitter and rich American cheese and meat mixture hit my palate I knew I had made a mistake. That mistake was that I bought and ate a cheesesteak from Dalessandros. The thing that baffles me the most is that Chubby’s is not on any of the “best of” Philly cheesesteak reviews, yet Dalessandros is. So Chubby’s is the place to be. This sublime establishment hands down has one of the best cheesesteaks that I have ever had the pleasure to consume.

It is pretty clear that people who publish “best of” awards have the palate of a tongueless four-year-old child.


8 thoughts on “Food Review: Dalessandros and Chubby’s

  1. I’m from roxborough and I can tell you the exact opposite of this! I used to live chubby’s but lately, the cheesesteaks are very bland. I was in there a couple of times in the last month or two thinking that maybe it was just that time. It has been the same the last 2 times I’ve been in there.


  2. Carole Culin says:

    Like everything in life, people have different ideas of what tastes best.
    Living in Florida for twelve years has made me appreciate how amazing the food in Philly really is. Just be grateful that there is so much competition, because the consumer is always the winner.
    There’s nothing like coming to Philly and the surrounding area and being able to sample the amazing sandwiches that are available to northerners twelve months out of the year. when we’ve been forced to accept other cities’ representation of the “Philly Cheesteak.”
    Steve’s, Chink’s, several places in the Reading Terminal Market, and I could go on and on. Plus….there you can buy fresh Italian rolls and freshly sliced chip steak to make your own, which we cannot do in Florida.👍👍👍👍

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  3. Marky Mark says:

    Chubby’s is wonderful! No need to put other places down. The people and the food make Chubby’s a nice place to eat.


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