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Ramblings: It was all a dream

It’s funny how fast a journey turns into a fleeting memory. Almost like looking back on a dream. Trying to recollect every emotion or sensation that was experienced.
As I count the number of days until my next adventure. I can’t help but feeling, that it too, will one day be as hazy as a drunken night.



Food Review: Black Eyed Pig BBQ

If I was put on death row and was allotted one last meal I know what it would be. 

Hell, I even know where to get it from. 

That meal is BBQ, that place is the Black Eyed Pig in Naples, Florida.

I know what you are thinking. Logan, why would you be on death row? Well, it might be from someone trying to take this delectable barbecue goodness away from me. 

No one takes my meats!

Arriving at this joint, you are met with joyful faces ready to serve you what is arguably the best BBQ in the Southwest Florida area.

Sweet tea, beer, smoked meats? This is everybody’s vision of heaven, unless you are vegan. 

The sampler is the best bet, as you get four different choices of meat, two sides, and a jalapeño cornbread muffin or Texas toast; but stick with the cornbread. 

The pulled pork is so juicy and succulent that there is no need for any sauce. The brisket, with a nice crusty bark on the outside, breaks apart with the slightest touch. The sausage is just the right balance of sweet and spicy. 

Lastly, any side is fine, they are all amazing (get the baked beans and toss in some pulled pork).

Further selections of sides include bbq restaurant basics like: slaw, potato salad, collard greens and much more. 

Appetizers, sandwiches, ribs and wings. These items are also on the list of grub to try, the fried okra is spectacular. 

Wash it all down your gullet with cold beer or sweet tea and let the food coma hit you. I’m ready, If this is it, then I will die happy and full. 

Just give me a to-go bag before I make the journey to the great beyond. I may get hungry for some pork.

  (My buddy Brian posing with some brisket)

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Food Review: Noodle Saigon 

Hot, steamy, aromatic, the ability to cure anything that may ail you.

Pho, pronounced like the beginning of my favorite sentence enhancer, is a Vietnamese dish that has been making its way around the states. This is not your average Southeast Asian soup, the broth alone can take at least ten hours, and is made with different beef bones, onions and a load of herbs and spices. 

Living in Southwest Florida there isn’t a ton of Vietnamese cuisine but there is Noodle Saigon. A place you can go get a fix for a pho addiction.

I’ll admit, I am not an expert on this style of food but this pho they sell will help you out after a long night of slowly murdering your liver. 

Patrons can choose from any protein such as chicken, thin sliced beef, or even Vietnamese meatballs, this is added to a plethora of other ingredients. Most pho will consist of a protein, rice noodles, green and white onions, and cilantro. All of this is put in a bowl and then piping hot broth is poured over it. 

The scent alone will heal you of any sickness, mainly because of the star anise added to the broth. 

The pho is brought out to the table with a plate of “toppings” which is most likely going to be mung bean sprouts, mint and limes. These toppings should only be added after tasting the broth, since most chefs slave over it for ten plus hours. Actually, as soon as the bowl hits the table the broth should be siped and admired, only then should the toppings of choice be put in. Most places will also have sriracha and hoisin sauce, I would recommend not being a total dweeb by pouring in both, but to each their own.

Pho is really something to experience. It is hard to explain the sheer elegance that flows out of this dish.

Stop in to Noodle Saigon, order some pho bo, and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.