Food Review: Gwen & Franny’s Fried Chicken

There are some meals that just ruin all others. They are so full of joy and bliss that you will take the memories to the grave. Maybe it is the first time you ate your favorite dish, or the first time you tried something weird.

Driving during my winter travels started to take a toll on me after what seemed like 20 hours (it was really only about 12). Oh, and then the traffic started building up. What else could go wrong? Now it’s raining? Great!

Well if it wasn’t for these factors I would have never eaten what is easily some of the best soul food I’ve ever had.

Right off of Interstate 95 just north of Georgia, lies a celestial place. Somewhere that the Greek gods would have gorged themselves – that is if they were into soul food. What kind of crazy person isn’t?

This place is Gwen & Franny’s Fried Chicken. Located in Hardeeville, South Carolina, this establishment could be overlooked if you just blink. It is a small hole in the wall building; but you know what they say, “good things often come in small packages.” I know the quote is something along those lines. Anyways, back to this culinary masterpiece. 

Walking in the door you are greeted by smiles and good-hearted people. Look! Is that a daily special? Well yes, yes it is. The special is two pieces of dark meat chicken with two sides?! Yes, you heard that right, but wait because it gets better. All that food will only be a little under 8 USD, and it includes a drink. For homemade soul food I would give my soul, gladly. This time I didn’t have to.

The food was incredible. The chicken pieces were a leg and a thigh. As soon as the teeth hit the chicken you are met with a nice crunch from the crust, then the juicy dark meat hits the palate. As you chew that first heavenly bite the flavor from the crust sinks in and leads the mouth on a journey that your taste buds will thank you for.

The chicken is served with two sides of your choice. Sense I am a fat kid at heart I went with a carb overload. Mac & cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. I don’t have to explain what these two brilliant comfort foods taste like, I’ll let the imagination run wild. Wash this down with your favorite beverage, maybe a mix of sweet tea and lemonade, and call it a day.

You are full, you are happy, you are ready to face what ever the world throws at you… Ok, let’s do that after a quick nap.

Overall I give Gwen & Franny the upmost respect. They have led me to the soul food promised land.



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